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Walmart to Donate Chatham Job Training Facility to Chicago Urban League

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Chicago Urban League - Leaders from Walmart and Chicago Urban League pose for the announcement of the 150,000 square foot facility

Walmart announced its plans to donate over 15,000-square-foot Walmart Academy job training facility in the Chatham community to the Chicago Urban League. The donation will be finalized once the property is separated from a larger parcel and closing conditions are met.The Chicago Urban League will be able to expand its current work through the organization’s Workforce Development Center and Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation to another area of Chicago’s South Side with this donation. After finalization, the facility will be reopened as the Chicago Urban League Empowerment Center.

“We are extremely grateful to Walmart for this generous donation, which is one of the largest in our organization’s history,” said President & CEO Karen Freeman-Wilson.“This facility will allow us to reach more individuals in the community through our workforce and entrepreneurship programs, helping to provide training and support to those looking to improve their economic stability.”

The facility will focus on two key programs:

- The Workforce Development Center will offer training in sought-after jobs such as Solar Installer, Health Information, Pharmacy Tech, HVAC, and Supply Chain Management.

- The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation will continue to support Black entrepreneurs through various classes and programs.

This donation will help the Chicago Urban League support Black entrepreneurs and prepare individuals for employment in high-growth industries in the region. The facility includes state-of-the-art equipment and training materials for workforce training in new areas such as dental hygiene, artificial intelligence, electric vehicle infrastructure, and electrification technology.

“This donation showcases Walmart's commitment to supporting organizations dedicated to community development,” said Walmart Regional Vice President Adonis Clark.“We are proud to support the Chicago Urban League's efforts to empower leaders and entrepreneurs in Chicago.”

The Chicago Urban League worked closely with community organizations and leaders to determine the best use for the facility and ensure it meets the needs of the community.“We are excited about the potential of this facility to reach more individuals on the South Side of Chicago,” said Freeman-Wilson.“

The organization plans to use the facility to expand its workforce development services to serve even more residents in the Chatham area. In addition to providing space for training programs, the facility will also serve as a hub for community events related to the Empowerment Center.

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