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The Chi Food Truck Taco Fest Throwdown is Coming

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Do you love a good taco?  

The first-ever Chi Food Truck Fest Taco Throwdown is going down on Friday, September 1, 2023.  The event will include an opportunity for members of the public to vote for their favorite tacos sold by participating food trucks at Daley Plaza, 50 W. Washington Street, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. The winner will be announced at 2:30 pm and be recognized as the People’s Choice winner.

“When you vote for your favorite taco truck, you are actively contributing to the success of small businesses in Chicago,” said BACP Commissioner Kenneth J. Meyer.  “You can eat, vote, and support the food truck industry all during your Friday lunch.”

The event combines the love of flavorful tacos with the opportunity to champion for your favorite food truck, all the while enjoying lunch outdoors against the backdrop of the iconic Chicago landmark, the Chicago Picasso sculpture. From sizzling carne asada to innovative vegetarian delights, the food trucks are sure to have something for every palate. By participating in the voting process, attendees will play a critical role in supporting the local entrepreneurs who make up an important part of our city’s culinary community.

The Chi Food Truck Fest Taco Throwdown aims to:
Empower local entrepreneurs: The event will provide small business owners, the food truck operators, with a unique and fun opportunity to showcase their culinary talents.
Support local economy: The event will provide an economic boost to food truck operators by attracting a large crowd of attendees, in helping business thrive and sustain operations.
Fostering community engagement: The event will create a space for connection and engagement through the collective experience of voting for one’s favorite food truck.

The event is part of the Chi Food Truck Fest, a weekly staple held May 19 through October 6, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, celebrates the diverse culinary talents of local food truck owners.

The food truck line-up and the Chi Food Truck Fest Taco Throwdown winner will be announced on BACP social media platforms using the hashtag #ChiFoodTruckFest. Follow ChicagoBACP on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

BACP is the sponsor and organizer the Chi Food Truck Fest. To participate trucks must be properly licensed by the City of Chicago as a mobile food vehicle or mobile merchant. Additional information may be found by visiting Chicago.gov/FoodTruckFest.

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