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S.E.E.N. Welcomes Bud Weed and Flower as Inaugural Expert Mentors for Social Equity License Holders in Illinois

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Social Equity Empowerment Network

Social Equity Empowerment Network launches an exclusive small-group mentoring program and fast-track Social Equity License for Dispensary, Craft Grow or Infusion and are yet to become operational. November 6th marks the very first session where participants will learn about property selection considerations, vetting design & construction team, construction and operation hurdles, and business specific breakout sessions.

License holders will gain the knowledge, insights, and support needed to navigate the intricate world of cannabis facility development.  Expert mentors Donna Bracey and Chris Atkinson will discuss everything from due diligence and design to the seamless transition from construction to successful operations. Bracey and co-owner Atkins began their company Bud, Weed and Flower (BWF) in April of 2023 and operates as a boutique cannabis construction facility design company. The program is tailored to assist license holders in seamlessly navigating the complexities of due diligence, from design and buildout to the ultimate transition from construction to full-scale operations. Bracey has seen her fair share of businesses in need which inspired her and Atkins to provide their services for Social Equity License holders at discounted rates. "Ilinois licensees were promised support and those supports haven't come to fuition. There are gaps in funding and gaps in general construction knowledge. What needs to happen when opening a brick and mortar cannabis business is complex, that is why we donate pro bono social equity hours to give a much needed a road map to entrepreneurs," shared Bracey.

Companies new to the industry may be suprirsed at the many unique skill sets needed to locate a building and become operational. "It can cost nearly $60,000 for the services we provide and about 340 consulting hours, we know social equity entrepreneurs are struggling to find capital. Our relationship with S.E.E.N. is part of us helping fill those gaps," said Bracey. BWF will be mentoring on every aspect of becoming operational from the infrastructure side including contractor validation and compliance, special use permitting support, and work with other professionals to inform community engagement. "We know some businesses already have competent teams in place so we will work collaboratively on aspects of projects we can have the broadest impact while making sure clients become operational within the timeline," said Bracey. The expert mentoring program is open for social equity license holders only and is also free. "We don't have the capacity to make this virtual but if there are business owners from other states with social equity licenses we are here to help," said Bracey. Participants are encouraged to register as space is limited.

Limited Seats Secure your spot NOW! Register Here: https://forms.gle/j3PEq2RLssAXkfQk7

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