When Separate Equals Hungry

A 2-part feature exploring food insecurity.

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FLIP-THE-SCRIPT Scholarship: Empowering Education and Community Impact

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ABDO's 2023 scholarship recipients. From left to right: Lindsay Leverson (2023 Scholarship Chair), Sean Newton, Saliyah As-Salaam, Ashley Frazier, and Rani Willliams (immediate past President). Not pictured: Amario Hill.

The Alpha Beta Delta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® serves the communities of north and northwest Chicago. Chapter President Allison Claybon explained how underserved the area had been when members sought to become a formal chapter.”Our service area includes Lincoln Park, Logan Square, Belmont Craigan, and other northside communities. When we looked around the city it was clear the south and west sides of Chicago were aligned with chapters and it made sense to serve this area of the city,” she said.

Northside African Americans are often on the periphery of support. As the south and west sides of Chicago have the largest populations of Black residents, northside students can usually find themselves out of the loop because of where they don’t live. The FLIP-THE-SCRIPT Scholarship scholarship aims to support students pursuing higher education and preparing them to make a positive impact in their communities.

“There are a healthy amount of applicants and the committee is working towards forging new partnerships with youth-serving organizations and allies. We know the youth in the area need our attention,” said President Allison Claybon. A total of 8 awards have been issued and Claybon expects submissions to pick up closer to the deadline.”

Often students will wait until the very last minute to submit and we welcome those eligible to apply,” Claybon remarked. Recently the chapter hosted its very first in-person fundraiser since its charter began.” Our first in-person fundraiser was a complete success. We sold a little over 200 tickets and raised over $10,000,” said Claybon.

Funds are not only used for scholarship dollars but other initiatives as well.”We provide supplemental meals for those experiencing food deficits and back-to-school supplies as well. The money we raise goes directly towards those focus areas. As we raise more, we can do more.

As for the scholarship, it is a one-time award of $1,000 the scholarship provides financial assistance to eligible candidates who demonstrate their commitment to personal growth, community service, and academic excellence. Applications will be accepted until July 5th and can submit their applications through email or mail. Email submissions should be sent to info@aka-abdo.org Visit www.abdo.wildapricot.org for details on eligibility.

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