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City Council Approves $51M in Migrant Funding

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The City of Chicago has taken a critical step in addressing the pressing needs of migrants and asylum seekers by passing a $51M budget amendment dedicated to the New Arrivals mission. This funding, approved by the Committee on the Budget and Government Operations last week, passed a full City Council vote today.

“Chicago is facing a humanitarian crisis as individuals and families continue to be sent here and other Democratic-led cities across the country without regard for their well-being,” said Mayor Brandon Johnson. “My administration will do everything in our power to support these new arrivals as they work to rebuild their lives in the U.S while still upholding our commitments to the residents of Chicago. This appropriation is critical to support our efforts to provide housing and services in the immediate future, and I will continue to advocate for additional state and federal funding for as long as needed."

In 2022, the City expended a total of $17.5M to support the New Arrivals mission, which began on August 31, 2022. This included $5.5M received from the FEMA Emergency Food and Shelter (EFSP) grant, demonstrating the City's commitment to providing immediate assistance and vital resources to migrants in need.

The City estimates projected costs of $102M to address the ongoing migrant crisis from January through June 2023. To secure the necessary financial resources, the City has been awarded $30M from the State of Illinois, highlighting its recognition of the urgency and significance of the situation. Additionally, $4.3M has been granted to the City through the FEMA Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP-H). To cover the remaining costs, the City proposed a budget amendment of $51M , demonstrating its unwavering dedication to supporting new arrivals during their challenging journeys.

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